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These are notes that clients have sent to me over the years, to give you an idea of other people's experiences of therapy with me.

"I've had a therapist before, but it wasn't like this-I feel like I can share all the crazy obsessive stuff that's often cluttering my mind without feeling judged."

"Shannon, your words have made me look deep within myself to find strength and confidence, and to see how my own thoughts have affected my actions and feelings. When I reached out to you, I was scared and hating myself. I was afraid to take a first step, as I found no or little mental and emotional support from people I love and trust. I felt I would be criticized to death for failing another relationship and failing to provide my daughter a stable and happy home. With your kind words of encouragement, I found a renewed strength to take one step at a time toward a new life. I realized it's me, my needs and wants are the most important. To be a better parent, I have to start with taking care of myself."

"I so appreciate you being their to help us keep boundaries and keep the conversation moving. You do not know how incredibly thankful we are for you Shannon. You have helped me see issues that to me looked too big to tackle and here we are doing just that. I felt I was going to have to settle for a life of not being able to make my man happy. You have helped me be able to do and show him that. I doing that you are saving our marriage, our family, and our happiness with each other."

"Let me start off by saying thank you, If this is what therapy is like then I should have sought it out long ago. You have a real gift for talking to people, you have been so very sincere and compassionate and this is truly refreshing. I'm finding It easier to open up to you because of that :)"

"You have been a tremendous support. Your kind words will always be on my mind, and will be remembered when I feel challenged again. I am much happier now, and death thoughts no longer occupy my mind. I am actually looking forward to all of the fun and great things I can do an explore, alone or with my daughters. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"You have helped me cope and have given me great information that I would of never thought of on my own. I have a new approach on the way I think thanks to you Shannon :) I feel like a different and better person since we have be working together all this time."

"Thank you for your patience and help through this emotional roller-coaster. I don't know how I'd be handling all of this without your professional assistance."

"I really appreciate how understanding you have been through this whole process. I have never once felt judged, and I so need to talk to someone who is not interjecting their own opinions and making me feel guilty about the way I feel. Thanks again."

"Thank you Shannon! For listening and understanding. I just wanted to thank you for everything you've helped me see and understand about myself and my relationship, and that I need and deserve more. Thank you for all your encouraging words and making my feelings feel valued and valid. Sometimes I sit with my feelings like I'm going crazy with them and they just manifest into something much bigger that I cannot manage. You've help me manage my emotions. You've give me perspective that sometimes I miss or ignore to look at. You've made this whole process much easier to go through. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you working with me."


It is important for you to get a sense of the therapist before you commit so please feel free to call me for a 10-15 minute phone conversation so that we can see if I can help.


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